Tow Truck Testimonial from Archerfield Auctions to Laidley


A heartfelt testimonial from a tow truck customer…..


I live in Laidley, a bit out of the way and it can be difficult to obtain tradesmen, delivery vans or a tow truck. Although it’s not that far away from Brisbane, it’s still over an hour’s drive via the Warrego Highway. All this to say I needed a tow truck to move an excavator that I had bought at the machinery auctions at Archerfield, to landscape my 2 acrea lifestyle block.


You would think it was easy to find a tow truck, well, a suitable truck to transport this excavator, but as it turned out, finding one proved challenging and time consuming. I had rung several tow truck companies in the Brisbane area, and in the areas around Archerfield which I’d found on Google’s front page. I figured they must be efficient tow truck companies. But after calling 4 different tow trucks, 2 said they could not do the job for a week. One tow truck informed me he did not service Laidley and the last tow truck was not suitable for carrying my excavator.


I went back to Google and found a tow truck company called Queensland Towing. I noted Queensland Towing said they offered 7 day a week towing, and they worked from 5 am to late. They stated on their website they could transport 8 tonne loads, which would definitely cover my excavator. Queensland Towing also said they were friendly, efficient and were owner operated – what more could I want?


I called them and a courteous young man answered: ‘Queensland Towing, Hayden speaking’. I explained my problem to him. He assured me Queensland Towing would be available that afternoon and his truck would easily handle the weight of my excavator. So I gave Hayden all the details, paid over the phone, and true to his word, he arrived at 3:30pm in his tow truck with my excavator on the back.


Hayden offloaded my excavator exactly where I wanted it.


I would recommend Hayden and Queensland Towing to anyone who lives in the Brisbane or Toowoomba area. He was not only polite, but his same-day service was efficient, trustworthy and he did what he said he would.


Queensland Towing has a very distinctive tow truck, bright yellow with signwriting – you can’t miss it. Call Hayden at Queensland Towing first, you’ll be glad you did. He’ll offer expert advice, efficient service for your towing needs and a very reasonable rate.


Hayden assured me Queensland Towing is available in all suburbs of Brisbane, the greater Brisbane area, the Gold Coast and also areas around Toowoomba.


Quite impressive service I thought!


Written by S. Harris on the 10th of September 2017